Injuries covered by workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Workers' compensation

When injured at work, many Florida residents have one question in mind. Is this covered by workers’ compensation? 

Today we will take a look at some information about workplace injuries. We will also examine workers’ compensation and how it works. 

What is a work-related injury? 

The first thing to understand is the definition of a work-related injury. This is any injury you get during the course of employment. In most cases, you must be “on the clock” when the injury occurs. But the injury does not need to occur at your place of work. Your injury must result from doing something for an employer. This means that you can file for workers’ compensation if: 

  • You get into a car crash while delivering something for your boss 
  • A vehicle hits you when walking in the parking lot back to work after a break 
  • A fight breaks out between customers and you intervene 
  • You fall during a company party because the venue did not have proper safety precautions 

Sometimes, workers’ compensation also covers injuries resulting from “horseplay” or disregarding rules. This is down to an individual business. 

What are other injuries you can get compensated for? 

What do most people think of when considering situations that involve worker injury? They often think of more classic scenarios. This includes issues like workers getting injured on equipment. It involves safety issues like old tools or cluttered walkways causing injury. These scenarios also make up many workers’ compensation cases. 

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