How the SSA’s Ticket to Work program works

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | SSDI

The Social Security Administration offers a Ticket to Work program to help those with disabilities achieve financial independence. This program helps participants receive vocational rehabilitation, training and job referrals.

It also gives them access to other support services that help them find and maintain employment.

Obtaining a ticket

Those who receive Social Security Disability Insurance due to a disability automatically qualify for the Ticket to Work program. Upon receiving a “ticket,” participants can work with an approved Employment Network or a State Vocational Rehabilitation agency to access employment services tailored to their needs and goals.

Working with employment networks

Employment Networks partner with the SSA to provide employment support services to Ticket to Work participants. ENs offer a range of services. Some of these services include career counseling, job placement assistance and vocational training. Participants have the flexibility to choose the EN that best fits their needs.

Accessing vocational rehabilitation services

State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies also participate in the Ticket to Work program. They provide vocational rehabilitation services to eligible individuals with disabilities. These services may include vocational assessment, job training and counseling. They might also include assistive technology and job placement help. VR agencies work with participants to develop personalized employment plans. They also provide ongoing support throughout the employment process.

According to Kiplinger, only about 5% of SSDI recipients use the Ticket to Work program.  Whether working with Employment Networks or State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies, Ticket to Work participants have the opportunity to pursue their career goals and build a brighter future.