What Our Clients Say



“Es una firma de abogados exelentes y hablan con la verdad en todo monlento, se dedican a orientarte en todo momento y hablas real mente con ta abogado. Ellos dan el 100% por sus clientes y soy uno de ellos y estos bien contento con su trabajo.” Translation: Excellent law firm, they will tell you the truth and you will receive orientation all the time, also you will be able to speak to your attorney. They give 100% for their clients and I am one of them, I am very pleased with their work. Jose R.- 10.04.2022

“I am so happy to have had attorney Hilado representing me in my Social Security case. He is definitely an outstanding attorney with an amazing staff. The Hilado Law team is professional, knowledgeable, and very caring. Attorney Hilado is very frank and honest and kept the line of communication open, and I felt very well informed at each step. I felt extremely blessed to know I was in good hands. I would highly recommend attorney Hilado to anyone in need of a great lawyer. Thank you, attorney Hilado, for your attention to detail, open communication, and caring spirit. All of this played a part in my favorable outcome, and I couldn’t be more grateful.” F.D.- 04.06.2022

“Huge thanks to Mr. Hilado and his team for being so patient with me and answering all my questions without hesitation. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case and it was all because of him and his expertise. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs help with a work comp case. Thank you! AL, PAOLA, AND BRYSON!!!” A.P.- 03.03.2022

“I am grateful for Hilado Law and the work they did for me. They provided excellent, no hassle, no rushed service. Their staff paid great attention to detail and handled my case above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Hilado Law. With Hilado Law, I know I made the right choice!” R.A.- 01.28.2022

“I was very pleased and privileged to have an attorney to effectively handle my case. I’m thankful and very pleased, and it was a honor putting trust in you. I’ll be honored to refer you to others.” L. B.- 12.17.2021

“Mr. Hilado, I feel like you handled this case with dignity and pride. I would recommend Hilado Law to anyone looking for worker compensation.” Anthony S.- 11.3.2021

“Mr. Hilado was very helpful throughout the process.” C.N.- 10.28.2021

“Everyone at Hilado Law was very courteous, helpful and accommodating, which made the experience an easy one. I would highly recommend them. Thank you.” Dianne C. – 10.14.2021

“Everyone here was helpful, kind, and prompt. All my questions were answered. If I need a good team again, I’ll call Hilado Law.” Susan Miller- 9.27.2021

“I really loved the way you handled my case. If I ever need an attorney, it will be you! Thank you.” Dale – 8.23.2021

“Excellent service! I absolutely recommend Hilado law without hesitation. Attorney Hilado, Paola, Bryson, you guys are amazing! Thank you for everything.” Marco C. – 8.10.2021

“I was referred to Mr. Hilado by friends of mine who had previously used him with much success, he surely didn’t disappoint me either.  He is very professional and knowledgeable on workers compensation and social security. Al and his staff makes you feel like a family member. They will thoroughly explain everything to you in a way that you will understand it completely. You will always get your phone calls returned in a timely manner and keep you updated on your case. Thank you, Al, and Paola, for your hard work. Highly recommend this firm!” Larry Hernandez – 7.22.2021

“I really appreciate everything that you guys do for me. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Everyone was very nice to me. Thanks to each and everyone. God bless you all.” Carlton M. – 3.25.2021

“I’m thankful for all of Al Hilado’s help in my case. Very quick in his responses and answering any questions I had.” C.B. – 3.2.2021

“From the moment I met Mr. Hilado, I knew I was in good hands. Paola, Mason and Bryson, along with Mr. Hilado, all worked together to make this a positive experience. This is a firm which is small enough to give you personalized service, but big enough to take on the larger firms. No question was too irrelevant, or too small. A fabulous experience. 5 stars.” Ellen – 1.26.2021

“I would say that Hilado Law was very helpful. They represented me very well. The whole team was very resourceful and explained everything to me very thoroughly. I would use Hilado Law again.” Deanna P. – 1.15.2021

“La firma Hilado me dio un trato bueno. No tengo quejas de ellos. Gracias por todo. Muy agradecido.” Translation: Hilado Law treated me well. I have no complaints about them. Thanks for everything. Very thankful. J.A. – 1.8.2021

“Mr. Hilado — I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all your time and effort that put into my case, it was quite the journey. It’s comforting to know that you have a group of people that shows so much compassion and professionalism, and a little humor. Again, thank you all for a job well done. I will be recommending you to anyone that is looking for excellent representation. May you all have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.” Colleen V. – 1.4.2021

“Al Hilado is the most knowledgeable, clever and discerning attorney I have ever talked to and had represent me in so many cases over so many years. I am so grateful to Al Hilado for years of advice, representation and now 18+ years later, a true friendship that has developed out of years of battles with my employer. Al has always made time for any concern, question, and has throughout these many years had my personal goals at the center of his mind in how each time he represented me in all my cases. Al has earned my complete trust through an outpouring of genuine concern for me as a person first, client second. I have and will continue to recommend Hilado Law to any and all I hear of struggling with worker’s comp injuries, employer conflicts regarding injuries, and retaliation as a result of an injury at work! Thank you so much, Bruce. P.S. I have always appreciated your unique use of humor and sarcasm as you represented me so well!!” Bruce – 11.23.2020

“Mi experiencia con el Abogado Hilado fue extraordinaria, me orientó, guió, ayudó y recomendó en cada paso de este proceso tan angustioso. Atendió cada una de mis inquietudes sin demora y con mucho respeto y atención a cada palabra que decía. Siempre estaba al contacto. Su personal de trabajo fue maravilloso en todo momento. Paola es excelente, muy humana, resposanble y servicial. Si hay un abogado al que debería de recomendar 1,000 y 1 vez sería al Sr. Hilado. Gracias por luchar por mi hasta el final. Dios lo bendiga.” Translation: My experience with Attorney Hilado was extraordinary, he guided, directed, helped and recommended me in every step of this harrowing process. He responded to each of my concerns without delay and with great respect and attention to every word he said. He was always in touch. His staff was wonderful at all times. Paola is excellent, very human, responsible and helpful. If there is a lawyer to whom I should recommend 1,000 and 1 time it would be to Mr. Hilado. Thank you for fighting for me until the end. God bless you. Yesenia Fonseca – 10.23.2020

“I am very pleased with the way I was represented by Al Hilado and his staff. He was always very helpful when I had questions or doubts. I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs assistance.” Charles Stank – 10.20.2020

“I’d like to thank Attorney Al Hilado and his staff. They handled my case with the utmost respect for me and my situation. Attorney Hilado has helped me more than once, and both times he went above and beyond. I recommend anyone in need of an outstanding lawyer to call and speak to him or his staff.” Janice C. – 9.30.2020

“Mr. Hilado is a great lawyer. They work with you and make sure you get the help you need. His assistants are very sweet and will always meet your needs if Mr. Hilado is not available. This would be my first choice if I ever need him again and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you for your help and getting me through this case with a great outcome.” K.M. – 9.29.2020

“Best lawyer I could encounter! Very professional and quick. Best choice and truly recommended. He works as if you were his own family and you’re cared for very well.” Lisnel B. – 9.8.2020

“I feel that I was in good hands and represented responsibly. Also, I would definitely recommend Hilado Law for anyone needing a good attorney in the future.” John M. – 8.6.2020

“Sinceramente no puedo quejarme de su trabajo. Muy satisfecha con todo y más con su trato para mi. Todo su personal son de primera. Gracias nuevamente abogado, bendiciones siempre.” Translation: I honestly can’t complain about your work. Very satisfied with everything and more with the treatment I received. All your staff is first class. Thanks again lawyer, blessings always. Gretchen V. – 7.27.2020

“Everyone is very professional. A firm of their word. They fight for you!” V.M. – 6.23.2020

“I felt the need to take the time to share my experience with the Hilado Law group in hope that it will save others time that I had to spend learning about lawyers in general & this gentleman’s specific practice of workman’s comp law. After being injured in an automobile accident while on the job, for the first time in my life I found myself having to seek legal counsel after the ridiculous settlement offers my case worker was trying to convince me of accepting, telling me that this amount was more than fair AND by hiring an attorney had no value because all they were going to do was take half the $ for doing what I could on my own… That was my first clue that I really needed to at least sit down & talk with someone that understood my situation & the law. I was referred by another attorney to a very well known, very accomplished, long time, local work comp lawyer that I will leave unnamed. After sitting down with this gentleman, I almost immediately knew that this guy and I were not going to work together. He was brash, a little pushy and just took for granted I was going to hire him because he had been referred and by the time we were thru talking, I felt VERY uncomfortable and that I was just another number to him, basically what gives attorneys a bad name IMO… I was very dissatisfied and troubled with that whole experience. So I asked around to try this this one more time with someone else and I am so thankful that I did! When I met with Mr. Hilado I really had my guard up because I was kind of expecting the same but within the first half hour, I knew that everything bad that I had experienced previously was not who he was nor what he was about, he genuinely made me feel that I was his only client & that he sincerely was there to spend as much time with me that was needed to help ME, not just him & his practice. I almost thought he was too good to be true but over time, he not only made a believer out of me that what he told me the first day on what all he & his firm would do for me “IF” I gave him the honor & opportunity was indeed, exactly what was promised! Not only did he under sell me & over deliver, he went beyond & above. Many times I had a list of questions during this process & he always, 100% of the time responded to me and or had one of his very competent, professional staff let me know what was going on at all times. In the end, to my amazement, & with all the challenges of Covid19 etc. he somehow scheduled a phone conference with the parties involved and ended up with a settlement that was more than 2 times the amount I was being offered and coerced to not waste $ on hiring an attorney… Mr. Al Hilado is NOT the stereotype lawyer that sometimes gets a bad name. He not only renewed my confidence in hiring legal counsel, he proved that his clients REALLY mean a lot to him & that he is a man of his word. I encourage anyone that may need an expert, caring, skilled & extremely friendly Attorney, but a pit bull when representing you and making damn sure there is no more $ left on the table from the other side, than don’t waste your valuable time searching out & interviewing multiple attorneys, you will not find better, smarter, professional legal representation than this gentleman & his amazing staff! My sincere thank you to all of you at the Hilado Law group and I hope this review helps many others just the way you helped me!” John P. – 6.4.2020

“Great job! Glad you didn’t become a [doctor]… 🙂 . Thanks Al” Julie Davis – 6.1.2020

“Very Satisfied” M.B. – 5.15.2020

“From the time of my initial consultation, the Al Hilado FAMILY was a courteous, empathetic, and PROFESSIONAL practice I could have been referred to. I emphasize FAMILY because they treat you like such. I emphasize PROFESSIONAL because Al is very knowledgeable and on-point with his practice of law. I recommend the Hilado Law Family and will support him (them) for the rest of my days on this Earth. God Bless the Hilado Law office and may they continue to be a blessing to all the families of the world.” Corey M. – 4.13.2020

“I’m really satisfied with my assistance at Hilado Law. The staff was really good and helped me out a lot.” Tyler H. – 3.25.2020

“Thanks to Attorney Hilado! I have more knowledge about my rights as an employee. He is an expert in labor rights and made me feel comfortable during my litigation process. I recommend Hilado Law firm without a doubt.” Myriam R. – 3.20.2020

“Al was very helpful throughout the entire case. He also helped me when my case became very difficult, but Al handled everything very professionally and quickly.” Ana S. Sanchez – 2.11.2020

“I’m grateful for all the work you have done for me and I appreciate it a lot.” P.C. – 1.27.2020

“Al is the man for the job when it comes to work injury cases. He can get you what you need when you need it. Hilado Law’s professionalism speaks for itself.” G. Wilson – 1.27.2020

“Hilado Law is the best thing that has happened to me! They were there every step of the way. When I called it was always answered. Al is heaven sent for humanity in my opinion.” N.H. – 1.16.2020

“To the best of my knowledge, Alfred J. Hilado, Esq. and his assistant were very professional. Always answered my calls whenever I had a question. Overall, having them representing me was a good experience for me and I would refer anyone to them. Keep doing a good job.” M.H. – 1.3.2020

“Al Hilado and his law firm have been an extremely pleasant and comforting experience for me. For never really having to have legal representation, Al and his team have set the bar very high. Al helped me feel like I matter and not just another client […]. Even his sons working there are extremely polite and courteous. I would not only use Hilado Law as representation again, I would highly recommend him and his team to other clients.” Samantha Leahy-Burgess – 12.18.2019

“Al and his entire staff made me feel important and like a priority from the very first phone call all the way to the end. Al was full of so much knowledge and expertise. I never felt like I was blind sided. I would highly recommend Al’s firm.” Leigh Ann M. – 12.11.2019

“I would recommend Mr. Hilado as an attorney to anybody. He did a great job for me.” David F. – 12.9.2019

“Al and his team were amazing. They handled my case with great care and consideration. I would recommend Al Hilado and team to anyone that needs a professional lawyer.” Michael – 10.17.2019

“I appreciate all the hard work you and your team put into winning my disability case. You’ve made it possible for me to pay my bills and have the surgeries I need. Thank you.” Vicky J. Geremia – 9.8.2019

“Mr. Hilado took on my very difficult disability case. Not only was he professional, diligent, knowledgeable and accessible, but he was also victorious. I am grateful beyond words for his advocacy. Mr. Hilado and his entire staff displayed the utmost competency, caring and thoroughness in handling my case. Mine was a particularly challenging one and as a result of Mr. Hilado’s and his team’s hard work, we prevailed.” Karen B. – 7.26.2019

“Al and his staff did a great job assisting me in my work comp case. Two other attorneys would not take my case until I came in and met with them. Mr. Hilado not only took my case, he and his staff guided me throughout and always were there to answer any questions. I would use Mr. Hilado again.” Francise Desir – 7.26.2019

“I felt like Mr. Hilado has great communication and people skills. He explained the entire process from beginning to end. We discussed his fees up front. He listened to my questions and concerns and gave me immediate feedback. Mr. Hilado and were very patient with me. I felt Mr. Hilado genuinely wanted to help me. I really appreciate his compassion to help people. Mr. Hilado certainly helped me. I cannot thank him enough! I highly recommend Mr. Hilado.” Jeanette Delgado – 7.19.2019

“Mr. Hilado was with me through the entire case, available whenever I had questions. My case ended favorably and I was pleased with my outcome, Mr. Hilado, and his staff.” Steve G. – 7.19.2019

“Thank you to the Hilado Law firm for helping me through this injury. They went above and beyond expectations and were more than thorough with knowledge in any questions I had. Thanks for all the help! Thanks Al and Mason.” Justin H. – 7.10.2019

“Integrity, Skill and Compassion After my claim for Social Security Disability was denied, I consulted with Al Hilado. Al suggested that I handle the paper appeal myself and if I was denied again to come back and see him. His rationale for this was that if my claim was awarded on appeal, that I would save on attorney fees. That’s integrity! The claim was denied again and Al represented me in front of the Judge. A Judge that is notorious for being difficult to work with and having one of the highest denial rates in Central Florida. The time for my hearing came and went and Al sat right there with me waiting for hours. At last our turn came; however, the Judge spent most of the time talking and asking questions which left little time for Al to present my case facts. To make a long story short, the hearing was continued on another date months down the road. The Judge was hostile from the beginning. I was in tears, but Al presented the facts of my case in a calm and professional manner despite being treated rudely by the Judge. Al ultimately won the case and I was awarded Social Security Disability. That’s Skill! I never felt like a client of Al’s. I immediately felt like a friend. I felt confident in my choice of attorney. Al showed concern not only about the case, but about my health and medical issues. He showed genuine concern about my family. That’s compassion. As soon as Al took my case, I felt a huge burden lift from me because I knew he would handle my case with the same attention he would a family member. He kept me informed through the entire process. He explained things thoroughly. He is just a genuinely friendly down to earth family man. I actually looked forward to his calls and our meetings. Al’s assistant is just as nice. She’s informed and highly skilled. All calls and emails were answered promptly. You can not make a better choice than Al Hilado. I feel like I have a friend for life.” Teresa G. – 6.26.2019

“To: Al I just wanted to say thank you so very much. You handled my case with professionalism and efficiency, and I appreciate all you did for me. It was a very long haul, but you really came through for me in the end, just when I had about given up. Again, I cannot thank you enough.” Vick M. – 5.9.2019