Workers’ Compensation Benefit Categories

Getting injured in a work accident negatively affects not only your health and ability to do work but also your finances. Hilado Law works hard to make sure our clients get all of the workers’ compensation benefits that they deserve. Here are the types of benefits offered by Florida Workers’ Compensation.

Medical Care

Medical care for your injuries is a benefit that most people think of when workers’ compensation is mentioned. Your coverage should begin when you first go to the doctor for your injury.

Disability Payments

Temporary disability payments are available for workers who are unable to work due to their injury. The amount is two-thirds of your weekly pay for up to two years. Permanent disability payments occur when you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI) and are still unable to work.

We Leap Over Obstacles

Hilado Law stands up for our clients and will not back down. When your employer or the insurance company puts obstacles in the way of receiving benefits, we leap over them, fighting for your right to benefits. Our law firm has a reputation for getting results, and along the way, we will keep you updated on the status of your claim.

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