What To Do After A Social Security Disability Denial

There is a lot of information requested on an application form for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). When you are suffering from a condition that prevents you from working, you need an ally who helps you through the SSDI application process. Hilado Law in Orlando helps clients with their SSDI claims and has done so since 1993.

Possible Reasons For Denial

Often, first-time SSDI applications do not get accepted, even though the applicant meets the requirements of the Social Security Administration (SSA). Your application, though valid, could be denied due to:

  • Incomplete information on the application
  • SSA expects your disability will be less than 12 months in duration
  • Medical evidence needs more detail

Your application should explain your medical condition with any treatment and prognosis information, as well as any evidence-based clinical findings. It is also essential to include a physician statement how your condition impacts your ability to perform work activities.

Standing Firm After Denials

After a denial, you have the right to appeal for reconsideration. It is essential to have an experienced disability attorney represent you during the appeal. A lawyer can work with you to revise your claim so that it is stronger.

If your application gets denied again, there are three more levels of appeals, including an administrative law judge hearing. We are our clients’ staunch advocates and do not let denials discourage us.

Get Relief Today

Let us help you relive the burden of wage loss and outstanding bills. The deadlines for appealing denied claims make it a necessity to act quickly. Give Hilado Law a call at 407-686-1723 or contact us online so we can begin addressing your case at a free initial consultation.