How do Compassionate Allowances work with SSDI?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | SSDI

Millions of people in Florida live with disabilities that have a significant impact on their lives. According to the Florida Health Department, one out of every three adults in the state faces disability challenges related to hearing, vision, mobility or other health issues.

For many disabled individuals who are unable to work, Social Security Disability Insurance is a safety net. However, navigating the SSDI application process can be complex and lengthy. Waiting for benefits is even more painful for individuals with severe medical conditions. To help shorten the approval process, Compassionate Allowances are available.

Expedited assistance

Compassionate Allowances streamline the SSDI application process by expediting benefit approval for individuals with serious ailments. At the heart of this is the CAL list, which contains the names of severe medical conditions, including rare diseases, aggressive cancers and debilitating impairments. The Social Security Administration manages the list.

Qualifying for CAL

If you have a condition listed on the CAL list, you automatically qualify for accelerated processing, and your SSDI application will be fast-tracked. To have your claim expedited, be sure to provide thorough and accurate medical documentation when you apply for benefits. The SSA relies on this information to verify your diagnosis.

Quick decisions

Applicants with CAL-listed conditions often receive a decision within weeks rather than months or even years. This swift response can be a lifeline for individuals struggling with serious health issues.

If you suffer from a severe disability, Compassionate Allowances can help you get through the SSDI process more quickly so you can start receiving the benefits you need.