Tips for returning to work after a workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Workers' compensation

When you file a workers’ compensation claim for an injury, you should prepare for the return process as you recover. Remember that you can return to work as soon as you are able, even if it means some accommodations to do the job. Some companies will even offer you an alternative position until you can return to your original one.

There are a few things you should do as you get ready to return to work.

Meet with your doctor

Your doctor can provide you with written documentation about your current recovery status, including any limitations that you have for work. This is important for your employer because it provides the records necessary to justify any accommodations that happen and clearly defines the accommodations needed.

Communicate with your employer

Keep in touch with your employer during your recovery. When you feel ready to return to work, have a conversation bout the accommodations that you need, if any, and establish a return-to-work plan that works for both of you.

Maintain your ongoing treatment

Once you return to work, it is tempting to skip any remaining treatment. You should continue with any treatment until your doctor gives you a clear release. Skipping the remainder of your care could result in further complications from your injury because you may not heal completely.

Workers’ compensation is a short-term solution while you recover from an injury. When you are ready to return to work, consider these tips to make the transition as easy as possible.