How can you prevent a workers’ compensation denial?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Workers' compensation

If you get hurt at work, you may be unable to return to your duties and struggle to make ends meet without a paycheck. The workers’ compensation system can provide wage replacement benefits as well as medical benefits to help you pay for needed healthcare to recover.

You must follow a specific process to obtain workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace accident. Taking the following steps can help prevent your workers’ compensation claim from getting denied.

Report the injury promptly

As soon as possible after the workplace accident occurs, let your employer or supervisor know about what happened. If according to the Florida Department of Financial Services, you wait longer than 30 days to report your injury, you put your claim at risk of a denial.

Seek medical treatment

Even if your injury seems minor and does not require immediate medical care, you should still see a doctor. When you see a doctor, you will have documentation backing up your injury and the treatment you received to submit with your workers’ compensation claim.

Stay consistent with your story

When you report your injury, do not mix up details about your symptoms or how the accident occurred. If your story does not remain consistent, it is more likely that your claim for workers’ compensation benefits will get denied.

Even if you submit a claim for workers’ compensation benefits in a timely manner and submit all needed documentation, there is always a risk that your claim will get denied. If this happens, take legal action to maintain your right to the benefits you deserve.