Can back injuries take you out of work?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Workers' compensation

Suffering from a back injury at work might not seem like a big deal at first. However, back injuries make up the number one reason why workers across the country end up having to take time off work.

Combine this with the often extensive and lengthy periods of healing that back injuries require, and it could pose a financial nightmare to just about anyone.

States of recovery

Very Well Health discusses the way back injury recovery goes. Back injuries go through multiple stages of recovery due to the complexity of the muscular system and the inflammation that goes with the initial injury. These stages will often differ based on the severity of the injury, as well as the physical state and health of the victim. For example, a healthier and younger worker will often recover from a back injury faster than an older or more frail counterpart.

But moderate to severe back injuries can take weeks or even months for even healthy victims to fully recover from it. And the recovery rate of back injuries proves crucial, as individuals cannot simply rush their way through. If they do, they risk aggravating the wound and worsening it, which lengthens the recovery time even further.

Financial hurdles

Naturally, most people do not have the ability to take weeks or months off of work at a time. This can jeopardize a victim’s position at their work, robbing them of promotions or raises or even put them at risk of losing their job. It is also a financially difficult situation, with many victims lacking income despite stacking up the hospital bills.

This is why many victims will seek financial compensation for their accident. It can go a long way to helping out with the financial discrepancies that occur during healing times.