How does the government determine disability?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | SSDI

Suffering an unexpected injury can change all of your plans and leave you scrambling for solutions. Social security disability benefits can help alleviate some of the financial impacts of your situation while you adjust to your new normal.

Understanding the way that the Social Security Administration determines disabilities can help you prepare to submit an application.

Your condition

The SSA will assess your circumstances and how your condition has impacted your life and your ability to work. According to the Social Security Administration, they will see if your disability falls under any of the categories on their list of disabling conditions. If you cannot participate in a substantial gainful activity as the result of your condition, you may qualify for financial assistance.

When submitting your application, it helps to provide thorough details about your circumstances. Answer each question in its entirety and provide examples of how your disability has complicated your independence and your ability to work.

Your potential

The SSA will also assess the potential you have to make a full recovery. Depending on your injury, you may eventually have the option of returning to your former job. Contrarily, if your disability prevents you from returning to work, you may still possess transferrable skills that will enable you to get another job.

Under certain circumstances, you can still receive SSD benefits even if you work. The SSA will pay close attention to your potential, as well as your physical recovery to determine whether to grant benefits, continue benefits or suspend them indefinitely. Keeping the SSA updated throughout your recovery can prevent consequences for collecting benefits even though your condition has improved.