Can you work while collecting Social Security Disability?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | SSDI

Florida residents may continue to collect Social Security Disability Insurance even if they find a job. 

Kiplinger explains that the Social Security Administration oversees “Ticket to Work,” a program that allows people with disabilities the opportunity to work without jeopardizing their SSDI. 

What is Ticket to Work? 

Ticket to Work allows SSDI recipients to earn money above and beyond their federal benefits. You automatically qualify for this program if you receive SSDI. 

When you participate in this program, you start with a nine-month trial period that enables you to work while you continue to collect your SSDI benefits. After this initial period, you enter a 36-month extended eligibility period. You may continue to receive SSDI for the first three months of this extended period. Afterwards, you may lose benefits if your monthly work earnings exceed the “substantial gainful activity” threshold. 

What are some of the other benefits of this program? 

In addition to giving you the tools to regain economic independence, participating in this program may have other advantages: 

  • If you become unable to work within five years after expiration of the extended eligibility period, you may seek reinstatement of your benefits without submitting a new application. 
  • Social Security may exempt you from its routine medical review process. 
  • You may retain your Medicare coverage for up to 93 consecutive months after the trial period ends whether or not your SSDI terminates during this period. 

What is an employment network? 

Employment networks can help you navigate this program and Social Security’s reporting requirements. These networks may also assist you with strategies to ease your return to work. For example, you may seek help regarding matters such as negotiating accommodations, building workplace stamina and bringing skills and training up-to-date.