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Road construction a dangerous occupation

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2019 | Workers' compensation

Improving roads across Florida is a priority. As the population swells and tourists flood the highways, expansion is critical to maintaining the demand of drivers.

Road construction crews provide a vital service to drivers, and their job is one of the most dangerous. At Hilado Law, we want to help you stay safe on and off the job. Dealing with a workers’ compensation claim due to an injury while working on a road construction crew can take a lot out of you. Let us help you recognize some of the most dangerous aspects of the job, so you can avoid suffering an injury.

Staying visible

One of the most dangerous aspects of performing work on the road is visibility. The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration has put standards in place to protect workers. These include wearing highly reflective vests, jumpsuits, harnesses and jackets. If a car approaching on the right of way cannot see a worker, it may result in a collision. If the crew you work on does not provide these items, you may want to check with management to get an idea of what you should wear on the job.

Steering clear of construction vehicles

According to the USDOT FHA, the number one cause of worker injuries on road construction crews is an impact with other construction equipment. Rollers, cement mixers and other large vehicles are always in motion. Workers who do not pay attention to where they are in relation to other workers, inside and outside of these vehicles may find themselves causing a crash.

Road crews face dangerous situations that may cause injuries.  You can find more insight into the workers’ compensation process on our website.