Can your typing put you at risk for a serious injury?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2022 | Workers' compensation

Computer use has become a crucial element in nearly every business. If your job requires you to type for most of your day, you may have to deal with eventual health repercussions.

While typing is not strenuous, it requires you to remain sedentary and use repetitive motions. Learn more about how this may become a liability.

What are repetitive motion injuries?

When a job requires you to use the same group of muscles day in and day out, the tissue wears down and eventually causes pain. For a typist, the muscles of the arms and hands are most at risk for damage. Pain is the first sign of an issue, and if you do not take protective measures, you may find yourself dealing with numbness, tingling and a loss of strength in the hands.

Carpal tunnel is a condition caused by overuse of the forearms and hands. The muscles running through the forearm swell, exerting pressure on the median nerve that controls the hand. When you let this kind of condition continue to progress, it may set you on a path to surgery.

How is a sedentary job dangerous?

You may not think sitting for work would put you at risk for an injury, but this is not the case. Those who need to remain seated for hours often suffer from poor circulation and strain on the heart. Since sedentary jobs also make it easy to snack and overeat without regular movement to burn calories, excessive weight can stress the body and clog arteries, putting you at risk for cardiac issues.

Taking care of your health means recognizing the signs of trouble, especially with a typing job. You should see a doctor and get a diagnosis at the first sign of pain or discomfort.