Year: 2021

The 4 levels of the SSDI appeals process

You may feel understandable frustration if you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance in Florida and the U.S. Social Security Administration sends a denial in response. However, before you give up, recognize that many people facing similar circumstances wind...

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What is a corneal flash burn?

When working as a welder, you can suffer various injuries if you do not have appropriate protective equipment. According to WebMD, one of these injuries is a corneal flash burn. A corneal flash burn occurs when you expose your cornea to ultraviolet radiation. What are...

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Did you get your benefit verification letter?

Have you applied for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits lately? If so, you should soon get a disability benefits verification letter in the mail. This letter serves as important legal evidence of your benefits and you should thus store it in a safe...

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