What should you know about crush injuries?

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2021 | Workers' compensation

No matter what job you hold in the workforce, the possibility of injury always exists. Needless to say, it still varies based on different factors like the overall risk levels of the job itself, but certain injuries can happen to anyone at any location.

For example, crush injuries may occur in any job that involves the use of heavy machinery or heavy items in general. Just what should you understand about crush injuries and the possibility of them occurring at your place of work?

Causes of crush injuries

Medline Plus takes a look at crush injuries and their related statistics. Crush injuries most often occur in the field of construction, which makes sense as the construction industry often involves a blanket use of heavy machinery and equipment on a daily basis. Accidents often occur when heavy items fall onto a person from overhead, structures collapse without warning, or people get hit, run over or pinned by moving machinery.

These injuries often present huge physical hurdles and can often result in death if the victim does not get immediate and proper treatment. However, slightly more mild forms of crush injuries can occur anywhere from a grocery store to your run-of-the-mill office.

Outside of the construction industry, crush injuries to the foot remain the most common. This often happens when a victim’s foot ends up run over by vehicles, or something heavy drops on it. These incidents can actually occur more out of construction because most people do not wear protective shoes, as they do not expect their feet to be at risk.

Effects of crush injuries

Crush injuries can result in infections, gangrene, sepsis, and potential amputation of limbs. If you faced a life-changing incident at work that caused a crush injury and its related problems, consider speaking with legal help about your options.