How can working on scaffolding lead to serious injuries?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2023 | Workers' compensation

As you climb up on a scaffold, you may look down at the ground and wonder what would happen if you fell. When dealing with workers’ compensation after a severe injury, you may think about the problems that led to your fall.

Even after an incident, knowing more about what dangers are present on a scaffold can help you.

Busy or inconsiderate coworkers

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, suspended and supported scaffolds are two types of platforms that are often many feet above the ground. While poles and legs support the first one and the second one dangles from overhead support, they both leave narrow passageways for workers to move around each other.

When a coworker of yours shoves you or pushes past you without warning, you may trip and fall. Whether the other person was trying to be playful or simply rushing to finish a job, the injuries you face after this accident can leave you unable to work or drive.

Unfinished platforms

Having a competent person checking each scaffold is key to a safe work environment. If your workplace never accomplishes this step, then they may put you at risk for a total collapse on a scaffold. Since some parts of a scaffold could be rusty or poorly constructed, they may break when a person steps on them.

Even when you are trying to be vigilant about these problems you still may struggle with a sudden injury due to the people around you or a broken scaffold.