How should you proceed after a fall?

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2023 | Workers' compensation

Slip and fall incidents can result in injury to anyone. Adults aged 65 and older have a particularly high chance of suffering from severe injury. Of the 32,000 deaths that occur from falling each year, the majority fall into this age bracket.

Fortunately, having financial compensation can go a fair way in lessening the blow of these devastating injuries.

Get your medical evaluation

As the CDC states, falls often plague elder adults in specific. The first thing they should do is notify the property owner. Do not apologize for the fall. Do not blame the property owner, either. Instead, maintain neutrality and ask for any paperwork needed.

Go to the hospital or emergency room next, even without immediate injury present. Medical evaluations received within a certain timeframe after the accident will prove invaluable in the event that a person needs to seek compensation.

Collect any evidence

First, take photographs of the area where the fall happened. This may potentially help prove a victim’s side of the case when arguing as to why they fell and should gain compensation for it. For example, the area may have clutter, uneven flooring, wet floors or more.

Next, get witness statements. Supporting and corroborating evidence serve as great ways to push a case forward and prove a victim’s case.

Gaining financial compensation for a fall is, of course, just the first step in a potentially long road to recovery. But every bit helps make the journey a little easier, especially in terms of finances.