3 tips that can protect your workers compensation case

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Workers' compensation

When you get injured on the job and report the accident to your employer under workers’ compensation, you may wonder how to protect your rights while forming the case and during the weeks or months to come. The stress and worry you may feel is not uncommon, especially if this is your first time filing.

InsightsSuccess notes that some workplace injuries may cause far-reaching physical issues, even if the accident did not seem serious at first. However, since any type of incident that causes a physical injury can result in a workers’ compensation case, knowing how to protect your rights and which actions to avoid can help you move forward with confidence.

1. Report the accident right away

Once the injury occurs, take steps to report it to your supervisor right away. Some individuals who get hurt while on the job delay this step, which can bring the nature of the injury and how or where it happened into question. If you report the injury before leaving work, you can better satisfy your burden of proof.

2. See a doctor right away

You may find it difficult to prove your case without reports and a diagnosis from a doctor. You can report to your own doctor or one that provides such examinations for your employer. It is wise to make an appointment with your doctor soon after you file your workers’ compensation case.

3. Protect your privacy

While many people communicate largely by social media, talking publicly about your case online can compromise your privacy. Avoid discussing the case where multiple individuals can access it.

You can navigate your workers’ compensation case with more ease by cooperating with your employer and understanding your own rights pertaining to any future employment with the company.