Do I need to report if I return to work?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | SSDI

If you receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and you begin working, you must report this to the Social Security Administration. It may not have an impact on your benefits, but the SSA still requires you to let them know if you are working. Failing to report could cause issues with your benefits.

There are also some exceptions and rules that you should know if you are working again and still receive SSDI.


Once you report that you returned to work, you still need to pay attention to what you must report to the SSA. Any changes that occur, such as wages or hours, are mandatory for you to report. If you stop working, you also must tell the SSA.


If you have expenses related to your disability that you must pay out, you should also let the SSA know about those.  They are usually allowable deductions from your earnings.


You should make your report either online or by mail, phone or fax. You can also go to a physical office location. Make sure to save the receipt you get after making your report.


Your benefits may stop if you earn enough that the SSA classifies your work as a substantially gainful activity. However, there is a grace period before your benefits stop to allow for an adjustment period.

If you want to return to work, you should contact the SSA. There are other options you can consider to help preserve your benefits while you make the return to employment and to assist you with the transition.