Why did your SSD benefits stop?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2022 | SSDI

Social security disability benefits can supplement your income when your condition prevents you from working. Depending on your situation, these benefits may continue permanently.

The SSA cannot suspend your benefits without a reasonable explanation. Knowing why they might stop paying you could help you stay compliant with their expectations to avoid any disappointing surprises.

You resume working

The SSA has strict rules regarding working and receiving benefits. A common misunderstanding is that you cannot work and still receive benefits. You can, in fact, do both. However, if you do not inform the SSA of your decision to return to work, they might immediately suspend your benefits.

Regularly communicating your intentions to them can help you avoid any problems. This includes your plan to return to work, as well as any changes to your income. According to the SSA, they have a series of work incentives to encourage you to start working again. So long as you follow their instructions, you can optimize your benefits while gradually reentering the workforce.

Your condition changes

If your health improves and your disability becomes less debilitating, the SSA might adjust your benefits. Knowingly withholding information about changes to your condition so you can continue getting the maximum benefit can backfire. Just because you reach new milestones in your recovery does not necessarily mean you will lose your benefits. However, it is imperative that you stay in contact with the SSA to avoid any misunderstandings that might jeopardize your eligibility.

The process of applying for and receiving SSD benefits can sometimes have its challenges. Collaborating with your legal team might improve the understanding of your responsibilities so you can yield the maximum advantage of your benefits.