What should you do after a slip and fall?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2022 | Workers' compensation

Individuals over 65 years of age have a great possibility of sustaining a serious injury after suffering from a slip and fall incident. An alarming 32,000 deaths occur annually due to slip and falls, with the majority falling into this age bracket.

Having financial compensation in the wake of such an injury can do a lot to improve a victim’s overall circumstances, though. In order to maximize the chances of gaining this compensation, it is important to follow some crucial steps in the aftermath of the incident.

Fill out the paperwork and get an evaluation

The CDC discusses falls among older adults and what to do after them. First and foremost, notify the property owner. Do not accept blame for the accident or apologize for it, but see if there is any paperwork that needs filling out.

Next, go to the hospital or emergency room. Do this even if no injuries immediately present themselves. A medical evaluation within a certain time frame after the accident will often prove invaluable when it comes to seeking compensation for injuries later.

Collect evidence

Take photographs of the area the incident happened in, too. This can help prove how the accident happened in the first place by giving a potential jury a way of looking into the state of the area on the day the injury occurred.

Finally, talk to witnesses. Having corroborating evidence and supporting evidence is a great way to push a case forward and validate any claims of injury. By taking these steps together, there is a much higher chance of gaining the favor of the jury and receiving compensation for the incident.