What are some common construction site injuries?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2021 | Workers' compensation

Construction work comes with its own set of dangers for those who work on job sites, but what happens when injuries cause permanent damage? The National Center for Construction Education and Research notes that progressions in safety regulations reduced some of the more common hazards; however, many risks that could result in life-changing injuries still exist.

Those who work in construction may want to remain aware of these situations and apply for workers’ compensation upon discovery of any injury they obtained while on the job.


Falling from a considerable height is a common construction site injury because of the environment of the jobs themselves. Moving equipment on higher floors, crossing girders and the increased risk of tripping over cables and tools can all contribute to a serious fall. Such an injury can cause serious long-term injuries, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal trauma
  • Multiple bone fractures

While careful attention to one’s footing can reduce the risk of falls, some job sites may still present a significant danger, especially in high-rise and condominium construction.


Construction work usually requires wiring and electrical work, which may increase the risk of electrocution. Electrical tools may also malfunction and cause a serious shock, which could cause loss of feeling in the limbs and cause the heart to drop out of its normal rhythm. Construction workers may want to ensure that sites practice electrical safety and report any accidents immediately.

Other injuries, such as repetitive strain issues that result from repeated bending, lifting or stooping, are also possible for construction workers. While on-site caution and following safety regulations can prevent some accidents, this field remains one of the most dangerous for its workers.