What should I know about receiving lost wage payments?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2021 | Workers' compensation

As part of workers’ compensation coverage, you can receive payments for the wages you lose when you cannot work. 

The Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation explains that lost wage payments do have some conditions and restrictions of which you want to note because they will likely impact you. 


Payments from workers’ compensation are bi-weekly regardless of how your normal pay periods work. The amount you receive depends on your regular pay, but the actual payments follow the workers’ compensation system and not your employer’s. 

You will not receive your first payment until 21 days after you report your injury and begin your claim. After that, you can expect regular bi-weekly payments. 

Seven-day wait

You cannot get payments for wages lost until you miss seven days. Your payments begin on the eighth day. If you miss over 21 days from work, you can then submit a request for payment for the first seven days you lost. However, if you miss fewer days, you will not receive any payment for those first seven days. 

For example, if you were off work for only two days, you cannot qualify for lost wage payments. If you were off work for 25 days, though, you will receive payment for every day you missed. 


The money you receive through workers’ compensation is not taxable. However, if you go back to work under restrictions, any money you earn as wages do require taxation. 

Time limit

How long you can receive benefits depends on your specific situation. Most people will receive temporary payments, which means the benefits end when you return to work at full capacity. If you have temporary status, you also have a total time limit of 104 weeks regardless of whether you return back to work.