Age and fatal workplace accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | Workers' compensation

Whether you are a young worker or you have worked in a field for decades, there are likely many risks you face on the job and many people lose their lives in accidents at work every year. It is helpful for employers and workers to review statistics on fatal workplace accidents in order to understand the scope of the problem and take steps to prevent accidents.

Sadly, many of the fatal work-related accidents that occur each year are preventable, and these deaths often disrupt the lives of family members in many ways.

Taking a look at different age groups and job-related deaths

On their website, the Bureau of Labor Statistics sheds light on different age groups and job-related deaths. The BLS reports that during 2018, 1,114 people between the ages of 45 and 54 died due to occupational injuries, higher than any other age group. Among those between 55 and 64, 1,104 people died due to job-related accidents in 2018, and 966 workers between 35 and 44 died. Fewer younger workers died due to occupational injuries in 2018, with 282 workers between 20 and 24 losing their lives while working.

Taking a look at gender and workplace deaths

According to data presented by the BLS, more men lose their lives while working than women. In 2018, more than 4,800 men died in work-related accidents, while 413 women died due to occupational injuries. However, both men and women and workers of all ages face the risk of a fatal workplace accident. Regardless of the field that you work in, you need to watch out for hazards you face while performing your job duties.