Who has responsibility for medical expenses after a dog attack?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Personal Injury

Left untreated, dog bites may cause serious harm due to the microorganisms in canine saliva. A dog attack often requires a trip to an emergency room, and you may hold its owner liable for your medical expenses. 

According to Florida statutes, a dog’s owner faces responsibility for damages that occur when a canine goes on the attack in a public place. The Sunshine State’s laws do not provide dogs with a free pass for a first-time bite. An owner may not claim that he or she did not know a pet could cause harm because it had not done so in the past. 

Owners may attempt to reduce liability for dog attacks on their private property

If you sustained a canine bite while invited onto private property as a visitor or contractor, the dog’s owner may attempt a possible defense. If able to prove that a bite victim’s negligence caused their dog to attack, pet owners might reduce some of the liability for injuries. 

Proof, however, may require evidence, such as showing a landscaper lost control of a lawnmower while servicing a private property. If your actions caused a dog to respond with an unexpected bite, your alleged negligence — if proven — may possibly reduce the amount of compensation you may receive for an attack on private property. 

Florida requires owners to leash and muzzle dangerous dogs — anywhere

A canine with a history of bites or attacks may classify as dangerous under Florida’s laws. As reported by Local10.com News, it does not matter whether a bite occurred on public or private property; you may hold an owner liable for losing control of a dangerous dog. The law requires an owner to leash and muzzle a dangerous dog when in public and when Florida residents visit private property.