How prevalent are workplace falls?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Workers' compensation

Florida workers like you deserve a safe space to do your job. Many companies strive to prevent injuries happening on their property. Unfortunately, not all accidents are predictable or preventable. 

This is particularly true of falls in the workplace. No matter what job you have, the risk of a fall may hang over your head. 

How often do falls happen at work?

The National Safety Council examines falls at the workplace. They are one of the most common dangers you will come across while working. Every industry has its share of falls. To see this, you need only look at the 2016 statistics in various work industries. 

For example, the construction industry suffered 24,700 injuries related to falls and 384 deaths. They had the highest rate of fall-related deaths of any industry. On the other side of the spectrum, wholesale trade had 10,250 injuries and 21 deaths. This made it one of the safest industries to work in in terms of fall injuries and deaths. But this is still a large number of victims who fell prey to falls. 

Why do falls occur? 

Unfortunately, the NSC’s biggest takeaway is that almost all fall incidents are preventable. They occur due to a combination of factors, including: 

  • Employers pushing employees into unsafe levels of production 
  • The prioritization of making money over safety 
  • Forgoing replacement of old or outdated equipment 
  • A lack of safety equipment 
  • A lack of safety training 

In other words, working toward the improvement of workplace safety can cut down on fall risks. This leads to fewer fall injuries, less fatalities and workplaces that people like you can feel at ease working at.