How can you help reduce and control electrical hazards?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Workers' compensation

Florida workers should understand that electrical hazards exist anywhere. Some believe that only people in construction jobs must deal with these risks. But that is not true.

Today, we will look at some of the electrical hazards that anyone can find in their place of work. We will also look at ways you can reduce the risks associated with them.

Common sources of electric danger

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration looks at electrical hazards at the workplace. This includes everything from high to low voltage hazards. For example, they address overhead wires. These wires often contain fatal amounts of electricity. Not every workplace has to deal with them, but they are outside in many different locations. They might be on the property of your place of work. They also talk about electrical sockets. Almost every workplace has at least one, no matter what type of job you hold. These sockets also pose a risk, though it varies based on local voltage.

Reducing electric accidents

How do you reduce the risk of electric accidents when electricity is everywhere? First, ensure everyone on the premise understands basic electric safety. Do not stand in water while operating electronics. Do not touch live wires. Do not touch wires without insulation, even if they seem “down”. Do not use appliances that were wet without having an electrician check them. Do not try to repair wires or electronics without professional knowledge.

Understanding basic electricity safety is crucial to worker safety. It is just as important as stowing electric equipment and wires in a proper way. Doing these things may reduce the chance of a workplace accident.