What workplace injuries are covered in Florida?

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When you get hurt at your job, one of your first concerns is whether Florida workers’ compensation law covers your injury. Thankfully, most work-related injuries and illnesses are covered.  

Florida’s workers’ compensation laws require that employers with at least three workers must provide coverage to pay for medical expenses, lost wages and disability.  

Eligible injuries 

There are several factors that must be present in order to constitute a workplace injury. First, there must be a direct connection between your job duties and your injury. These injuries can occur due to a single incident or cumulative effects. Here are some examples: 

  • Injuries suffered because of a fall. 
  • Injuries suffered because of a work-related vehicle accident. 
  • Injuries caused by repetitive stress. 
  • Injuries involving a machinery accident.  
  • Illnesses related to exposure to toxic substances and hazardous chemicals.  

Workplace fatalities are also covered by workers’ compensation law. In this event, the benefits go to surviving family members. 

When compensation is not payable 

There are specific circumstances in which coverage does not apply. For instance, your injury is not covered if it is caused primarily by the consumption of alcohol or drugs not prescribed by a doctor. Additionally, the law does not cover you if you intentionally injure yourself.  

Another important fact is that Florida law does not cover mental or nervous injuries. The only time that there can be any payment for a mental condition is when it is a result of a physical injury. A licensed psychiatrist must provide clear and convincing evidence of such a mental or nervous injury.  

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